6 % of World Sales in 2014 Made Online is from Gaming

Online gaming is growing like fire they are considered to be the best source of entertainment for everyone the online market earns about €3.3 billion ($3.5 billion) in a year, this is the lump sum amount of all online sales which in clued online shopping, money transfers and each and every online art sale.

imagesWhat choked me, according to the latest research by the TEFAF Art Market Report in 2015 the about 6% of this income was from the source of online gaming, this is a big amount, it show that people are playing more games online than other sources of entertainment. New girls games are among the most amazing form and most earning games ever, girls are always fan of their home they like to stay at home and play with dolls online games provide this opportunity for them to play their best dolls in a limitless and virtual world.

Barbie game online is a platform where they can play with their favorite Barbie in a very different way. These games are totally free of cost, therefore a large number of people play them and spend a great time on playing them. The more they play the more they earn. To be honest in some parts of the world they have replaced the conventional dolls. These sales are reduced to 25% and online games have increased by more than 50%.

This massive response from people have doubled the interest of game developers and they have started making games with high quality, amazing sound effects makes them very close to real life.


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